Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ok, the girls and I have pink eye. I know what your thinking, GROSS! I am not sure how we got it, and I apologize if we exposed ourselves to anyone. We are not contagious anymore. We went to the doctor on Tuesday and by Wednesday we had the antibiotics for 24 hours. But, we have stayed indoors just to be on the safe side. Olivia has a bad cold and every 10 minutes giant green snot rockets come shooting out of her nose and onto her sleeve. I have been running around chasing her with a Kleenex and eye drops. Olivia is good about taking her medicine, but Camille and I wrestle every time its her turn. (With pink eye you have to take drops in the eye three times a day.) This morning I had to sit on her and pry her eye open as she is screaming. I feel so bad, but we have to do it.
I am posting pictures of my hair. I feel very vain doing this, but I wanted to show my mom. I actually got it cut last Thursday, but we have been in hiding with all the pink eye drama., and I wanted to wait until I got it highlighted before I showed anyone. Anyway, I am not to big on change with the hair, so I was proud of myself for having the guts to say, "Make it short enough so that I can't put it in a pony tail anymore".
***Please note that in these pictures, I do not have on any mascara. Again, I feel vain even explaining this, but I look weird without my lashes. I haven't had time to buy new mascara since the pink eye. My face is a little chapped from the cold weather too.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The following are the exciting events of the past week. We missed church cause Olivia has a smoker's cough and I woke up with my eye matted shut. I have never had pink eye, and it doesn't hurt, so maybe it is an allergy. I finally got my computer back from Best Buy's Geek Squad. I swear their lot in life is to drive me nuts.
Eating lasagna with Noah Orange.
Look! I learned how to flip pictures!

SMILE! Chucky as left the building! My kids are really scared of characters. When Chucky showed up they both fought back tears, but Hayden Noe joined Chucky in the front at some little girl's birthday party. Starting early picking up the ladies.

Camille's jacket has little wooden buttons that look like mini cheerios. She kept trying to eat them.

This was Maddox's first time at Chucky Cheese. You can see how delighted he was! Camille refers to him as the "little prince".

We went to Chucky Cheese with some buddies. Olivia and Maddox rode some rides together.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tonight we have been jamming to Brandon's red guitar. Camille now wants to play an instrument. I found out today that her dance recital is June 11. Anyone interested is invited. Her costume is Indian themed. Hope everyone is doing well.
Yea, Angie couldn't leave Emmie. Isn't her hair cute! (Angie's) She also had on amazing tiger shoes.

My buddy Shara took these of Olivia and Emmie Orange in Bible class. I think this was Emmie's first time.

There is a required bath immediately after spaghetti.

Is spaghetti night at your house shirtless too?

This is last Sunday. I love to match the girls. I know that I only have a small window of time before they will think it is dorky.

One Saturday, I told the kids that we needed to try the jeep that Skip and Pam Blake bought for Camille when she was Olivia's age. She is just now big enough to maneuver this machine. She really enjoys the radio. Olivia has no problem being the passenger. We were truly inspired by our friend Noah Orange, who got a truck from Santa. It is my dream to have Big Wheel races at the park. We need lots more practice.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Some Christmas Pictures

We had a magical Christmas this year. Camille finally understood Santa and Jesus's birthday. She was so into all the nostalgic aspects of the holidays. We drank hot chocolate, wrapped presents, baked cookies, made gingerbread houses, looked at Christmas lights, watched every classic Christmas special on TV, and we did dress for the holidays.

Brandon played Santa this year. He needed a little more padding. I think he is pretty cute.

Camille is posing in her favorite PJs that I have now had to hide from her. If she had it her way, this would be her uniform.

These are my women (missing Olivia). From left: Camille, Loretta, Lori, Kimberly, and Lauren. My mom bought us these festive aprons to bake Santa's cookies. Your eyes are not deceiving you, yes my mom is in a wheel chair. The Christmas Queen had knee surgery in late November on her knee and thought she would only be "out" for 7 days. She will be "out" for 8 weeks.

I do believe that this is as close to Cindy Lou Who as you can get. Her hair is in a perfect disk shape. Maybe it was the dry air of Midland, or maybe she was just that excited about Santa!

This is Camille singing High School Musical 2 at my moms. We are going to have to invest in a kareoke machine for the future. It really makes the holidays swell. Olivia was a back up dancer.

This is Camille and Olivia watching Care Bears on their new princess TV. They were being so sweet and cuddling. They both want to stay in their PJs everyday. I have to fight them to get dressed. Its my fault for buying them such warm pajamas.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

OK, if any of you are reading this, I am sorry. Shara is supposed to help me figure this blogging thing out. I can't figure out how to add my friends to the page so that I can click on your pages. Anyways, this was Olivia's first day of preschool. She had to wait to go until she was 18 months old. She did really well. She cried when I dropped her off, but she quit crying when Presley Holmes walked in. I know that yall are going to think I am CRAZY, but I don't like being all by myself. I love them and miss them for the 5 hours that they are gone. SO..... I might get a job at the preschool, if not real soon, next year.