Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FIRST Place in the SCIENCE FAIR!!!!!!!

I got the phone call last night from Brandon! She won first place in the science fair. (for kindergarten) She is so proud! She can not stop smiling. She got a "big" trophy and they announced her name on the announcements this morning. But, her glory quickly faded, as a a little boy broke his arm today. Here today, gone tomorrow:) The funny thing is, Brandon and I NEVER expected her to win, we prepared her to come home with a participation ribbon. The judges said that they realized that parents were involved in helping the students, but they were looking for the child with the best comprehension of the experiment! Ok, I am just SO proud of her. I may get a bumper sticker:) JK
Science night at her elementary!
First PLACE!

This is before they called out the winners. Notice her eyeing the trophies.

The Winner!

The jars covered with our different fabrics.

Measuring the temperature of the boiling water.

A sneak peak at Recital 2010. If you look closely, you may find Russell Frantz snapping pics of Annaleigh in the background.

A side few of Cowgirl Olivia.

Cowboy Day at preschool!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

One Wild and Crazy Christmas

Merry Christmas!
Carson and Kresha

Opening presents at Queenie's, FINALLY!

Pap, Nanny, Mamma Jo, Camille and Olivia

Nanny and Camille

My great-grandmother, Mamma Jo, and Olivia


Driving crazy cars.

Christmas Day, 2009. Sledding on Hole 15.

There goes Camille.

We found sleds in our attic! How convenient.
I really don't like Taylor Swift, but we may have a little song writer on our hands.

Making snow ice cream.

Looking out the bedroom on Christmas Eve.

Making reindeer food.

Throwing the food on the roof.

Jackie loved the snow.

Jack pouncing around.

Christmas with Mimi and Dada.

Going on a hayride with Kennedy and Uncle Ken.

Having a bonfire at Lainey's.

Anxiously awaiting presents.

Sweet, beautiful cousins.

Randy, Mel, Thor and the girls.

Singing karaoke at school.

Drinking Hot Cocoa at school.

Is this the look of love or what?

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

WAY TOO LONG, I doubt anyone even sees this.

Well.... Life happens, and it happens fast. We are doing well. Everyone is healthy and happy. We have enjoyed the school year. Camille is reading these Elephant and Piggie books and Olivia is writing on everything she can get her hands on. She also thinks she has a "three head" instead of a forehead. We have lived the holidays up, and I didn't let the SWINE flu ruin Halloween. These pictures are out of order and some are sideways, but that's life right?