Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ode to Men in Tights

I want to start off by saying, "Thank You", to my family and friends that make Halloween a dream come true for me. I don't know why I love Halloween so much. Maybe its when my mom took me to see Hocus Pocus with Bette Milder and SJP for the first time? Or how much effort my Mom, Nanny, and Grandma Roxie put into my costumes as a child. My mom always had our house in tip top shape for Halloween, and my Aunt Kristi and Uncle Jeff always brought truck loads of pumpkins to us every year. I even got a sister on Halloween one year. So, we like to do Halloween up right in the Blake household. That is one of the reasons I fell in love with Brandon, he loves Halloween just as much as I do.

So thank you to all the people who have made the Monster Bash memorable these past 4 years. Thank you for dressing up and being good sports about it. Thanks to Pam and Skip for all the candy and the chicken nuggets. Thank you Pat for the yummy ghost cookies you have always brought or sent. Thank you to Melanie for helping me with costumes in the past, even when you haven't gotten to come, and thank you for the insane cheese tray that I am still eating off of. Thank you Randy for dressing up and coming this year. Thank you Kylea and Bryan for coming and always setting the bar for the costume competition. Thank you Angie for putting together the best group costume in the world and talking your family into wearing underwear outside of their clothes. Thank you Andrea for making sure that we took group pictures and thank you for allowing your husband to wear green tights. Thank you Rick and Shara for representing the Republican Party. Thank you Laurie and Russell for coming to experience the madness and for the cokes. Thank you Mindy for not missing a Monster Mash even when your sweet dog was so ill. Thank you Kendra for making a cameo. Thank you to the Lynch family for coming by. Last but not least, Thank you Memaw for always coming and being the crazy lady from Burleson. We missed you this year Casey, Coury, Ken, and Kennedy, but we will look forward to next year!

Now for the fun pictures. Can you guess who Brandon and I are?

Henry had a Halloween Bash!

Camille dancing around to Linus and Lucy.
Camille is dressed up in my costume when I was four years old.

Olivia and her class.

Camille and her class.

Group Picture?

This is what children sugared up on candy look like. And we thought we could get a group pic?