Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Last weekend we attended our beautiful cousin Kennedy's 3rd birthday party. Cinderella threw a wonderful party. A lot has gone on, but I am the worst blogger ever. I am not a good story teller, but I will try. You know I told you Olivia has been potty training. She has done so well, and had few accidents, but I think I got a little relaxed these past two weeks. We were at Angie's and she peed on their nice throw pillows. That was maybe her 3rd accident. I promise. Then we were in the backyard, eating Popsicles and she squatted down and started to pee. I shouted, "Olivia what are you doing?" She replies, "I peeing like Elwood". Then we went to Kendra's and she peed in Cassidee's castle. So I have learned my lesson on not being too relaxed. I think when we are not at home, she is so excited about being somewhere else and she forgets to tell me. Here is hoping that Olivia doesn't pee on your stuff!
Below is a picture of Kennedy's cake. It was simply darling.

This is the birthday girl!

From left: Jordan, Olivia, Riley, Camile, and Jeff. These are the Paynes, minus Kristi. Jordan actually is finishing up Welcome week at ACU! I am so excited because Brandon is building some condos there again so we will get to see him.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Brandon turned 30 and the Princess and the Potty.

July was another hot, busy month. On July 18th, Brandon Matthew Blake turned 30 years old! He might finally gain some respect in the business world:) We had a lunch birthday party for him at a pizza joint. The girls got him a Bat Man birthday cake. It had eleven Bat Man rings on it. The girls couldn't wait for him to let them have the rings. Pam and Skip watched the girls that night while we headed to Dallas.

So we went to stay at the Crescent for the night. We had stayed there once before and were afraid to use the robes. We thought that if we used them we would be charged. The last time we stayed there, there were water bottles that said if you took them, you would be charged $5. We didn't drink them. So it was funny when we arrived at the Crescent on July 18th, the lady asked if we were celebrating anything and I told her, "Yes my husband's birthday and our 5 year anniversary", so she upgrades us to a two room/two bathroom suite. (Our fifth anniversary was July 19th). As we are waiting for our room key, another lady has a folder in her hand with the name JERRY SEINFELD and a room number. I nudged Brandon and said, "Look at that folder!" The lady quickly turned the folder over and smiled. When we got to our room, we were so overwhelmed! It had 5 balconies! Plus there were 6 FREE water bottles:) There was a list of events going on in Dallas for the weekend, and sure enough, the Jerry Seinfeld was playing that night. So we definitely used the robes this time along with the slippers, drank the free waters, used the spa products in the bathroom, enjoyed the chocolate molten cakes with Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary written on them, and ate the huge breakfast delivered by room service for free! And we paid the cheapest room rate! We felt like Kings! The next morning at check out, we saw Jessica Seinfeld!

The whole reason we chose the Crescent Hotel was because my dad had given us a gift card to The Capital Grille. It was delicious!

Camille in her dress that my mom bartered for at Hobby Lobby. It was one of the display dresses in the fabric section.


Lauren came to stay with us for the week for VBS. Here we are eating at Kincaids with some friends.

Presley and Camille in their VBS shirts. Olivia REFUSED to wear it cause it was "brown".

Olivia and our beautiful cousin Kennedy.

After VBS was over, we met my mother in Abilene to give Lauren back:( and they convinced us to let Camille go home with them for a few days. So we had Olivia for the first time by herself. We missed Camille, but knew that she was having fun. So Cassidee came over for a "playdate" with just Olivia. They had so much fun playing tea party and doll house. The picture above is Olivia holding Cassidee in her princess dress that she wears everyday.

After church Wednesday, we turned around in the car to see that Olivia had taken off her carseat straps and pulled her shirt up over her head. Pretty funny.

The beginning of July sparked an interest in Olivia with the potty. She watches Camille use it, so why not her? I personally wasn't ready to do this, but I didn't want to hold her back. She has done very well and is wearing panties all day, even at school. She dosn't like to wear panties that don't have princesses on them, and when she toots, she says she is making "bubbles". Sorry! So that is the end of diapers for the Blakes. It was a fun run Pampers, but I am glad not to buy you any more! Ever!