Saturday, July 12, 2008

Olivia is TWO!

Olivia Catherine turned 2 June 23, 2008. She had a fabulous birthday party that her and Camille shared, she had a little party at my aunts', and then a little party at home with some buddies. She is so much fun! We took her to the doctor and he told us she wouldn't be any taller than 5'3". ( He said Camille would be between 5'6"/5'7"). She has always been my little baby! Her favorite things are dressing up, playing barbies, swimming, and acting like a dog. She is talking up a storm and says things like, "Mom, I promise", or " I told you Mom, I want to wear my princess dress". She loves "Camo" more than life its self! They play so well together. I love looking up from my work and seeing them pretending. She is attempting to potty train, but we haven't been home long enough to get much consistency. Here are a bunch of pictures. It is a pretty long blog!

Olivia wears this almost everyday.

Best Buddies.

New shoes.

Playin purses.

Having a cake at Aunt Kristi's!


Waking up two!

Happy 1st Birthday !
Crawling around!

First time to have cake!

My favorite picture of her.

June 23, 2007

At Camille's Birthday, almost 1.

Just had to throw this one in there.

Going Home.

Our first family picture.

At Baylor Grapevine, they give all the kids a little crochet hat, they gave Olivia one that matched Brandon's shirt.

Little two year old Camille got to push "Vaviva" to the nursery.

Camille's first time to hold to Olivia.

My first time to hold her. I thought she was perfect.

Olivia Catherine Blake.