Monday, June 23, 2008


These pictures are in reverse order. We have been blowing and going this summer. We have been lucky to get to spend more time with my family. We started out this blog (from the bottom) at my cousin Jordan's graduation from Idalou High. He is going to ACU in the fall. Watch out ladies, he is quite a catch. We flew home with my sister, and went camping with the Oranges. It was Camille and Olivia's first time in a tent. We went out on Brandon's dad's boat in Lake Grapevine. The next weekend was the girl's Circus birthday party. We had so much fun, but it went by way too fast. The next Wednesday was Camille's first dance recital. I was the "stage mom", which meant I looked after the class backstage. When I walked them onstage, I had a small urge to run out on the stage and do a dance of my own. Who would have thought that I would miss old Barbra Craig's School of Dance? We went to eat with Brandon's family and the Smith's afterward. That next weekend we loaded up to spend Father's Day in Galveston with some friends. We had an amazing time. The next weekend, we flew to Lubbock to celebrate my grandparents, Ron and Loretta Farquhar's 50th wedding anniversary. It was at my aunt's home. My mother and aunt threw quite a party and we had a blast. Today is Olivia's birthday and I will post a montage to her soon. I love being busy and getting to see so many loved ones. This weekend we will be home, back at our church. Brandon just told Camille "leave mom alone, she is blogging. She is bragging about her family on the computer when she could be spending more quality time with them." Guess I better go!

The lovely Loretta Farquhar, aka Nanny Bird.
The lovely couple. Ron Farquhar, aka Pappy Boy.

Happy Father's Day Brandon.

Check out Angie Orange's arms.

Do they look alike?

The nine children in Galveston.

Mrs. Kimberly Holmes and under the hat is Carter.

The Noes, minus Hayden.

The Smith's. Where are their clothes? Bad Shara!

Memaw and Camille after the recital.

Olivia and Kylea.

The Smiths. Nice Rick.

Prince Maddox is eating some menus.

Do they look alike?

Stage MOM. Look OUT.

Camille the Comedian.

Camille the Sweet.

Olivia and the CIRCUS Birthday!

Camille bossing Ms. Cassidee.

Lauren the Magnificent and Camille the Great.

Nathan, Noah, Camille and Lauren on the lake.

Brandon and Olivia. Olivia likes to drive.

Me, Riley, Olivia, Jordan, Carson, Lauren, and Camille at Jordan's graduation dinner.

Jordan and Olivia.