Sunday, March 30, 2008

Program Thursday, Arboretum! wait, Aquarium Friday.

The Egg head on the far left is Camille.
Getting ready for the program at Grapevine Christian School.

Sporting some jeans and they are not falling down.

After Olivia's performance, she sat with us. She yelled at "Mo" until the program was over.

During the finale? Did I miss a memo about wearing a white shirt?

The only way to get these three in a picture was to sit them down on a table.

Are these smiles of delight or fear of falling off the table?

In the elevator with Blake and baby Cohen (Olivia calls him CoCo). Where are we? Well click on my friend Melanie's blog and you will get a complete rendition of the events.

Brayden, Audrey, and Olivia patiently waiting.

Mason, Camille, and Blake looking at fish.

My sweet little girl. Looks like she stayed in this wagon all day, but don't worry! I did my share of caring her on one hip and pulling a wagon with the other side.

The excitement is hardly contained! She is looking at one of her favorite animals.....


This picture is so appropriate. I look swollen, Olivia is crying, and Camille is enjoying every minute of it. We will go to the arboretum this Friday. Cross your fingers for no rain.

Posing with the Dada and Mimi at their favorite spot, the WaWa.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well, Easter weekend is over. WOW! We partied every minute of it! We started out Saturday at Andrew Savage's Birthday. Then we raced home to take a nap, not without picking up a steakfinger basket at DQ in Rhome:) After naps, we packed up the car, and went to the church Easter party. Camille was the only one who went to that. Olivia, Brandon, and I went to Town Centre in Southlake to shop around. Then we went to Skips, picked up Camille, went back to town square. We then ate at Rockfish with Kylea and Skip, and went to see Horton Hears a Who. Kylea and I went to Market Street, then Wal- Mart for our Easter goodies.
This part is for my mom, grandmother, aunt, mother-in-law, and anyone else who has ever made me a Sunday dinner or had a party for me.
I think you don't appreciate the work your mother has done in her life until you start doing it yourself. Kylea and I stayed up late stuffing eggs and making dishes. We had so much fun and I was running on pure adrenaline. I wanted Easter to be so much fun and it was! Thanks Kylea for being my Easter Party Sister. I hope we have many more to come!
We spent the night at Pam and Skip's (Pam was on spring break with her sister. We missed her!)
After church on Sunday, we had an Easter Brunch and it was so much fun. If anyone wants to come next year, let me know!
Hanging with P at Andrew's Party!
They got a little shy, but don't they look cute in their pink shirts.

I told them to say "pirates".

We took Camille to the Easter hunt at church. Olivia couldn't stay since she is just 21 months. She was SO sad when we drove off without "Mo". When we went to pick her up, Olivia tried to jump in with the big kids.


Bounce House!!!

On our way to eat and the movies.

She didn't want to watch Horton Hears a Who, so we played at the fountain and shopped.

Checking out what the Easter Bunny left Sunday morning. Camille slept with Brandon and I and she swore up and down that the Easter Bunny almost didn't come since Brandon snored SO loud.

They are playing putt putt in Skip's hallway.

Little close up of the happiness.

All the kiddos.

Singing show tunes. (Not really, but that is what it looks like.)

Noah, Cassidee, and Camille playing the piano.

Getting ready!

I made them line up and wait to hunt eggs. This is one of my very favorite pictures ever. They were so excited!

A serious job, hunting eggs.

Serious too.

Looking through the loot with Cassidee.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

WOW! The weeks go by so fast!

A LOT has happened in March! From snow, rain, and a day in the eighties, to birthday parties and spring break. Time flies when your having fun! These pictures are in order backwards. The first ones are of our trip to Abilene, then Cassidee's birthday, TCU Egg Hunt, some random days, and Maddox's birthday (which brings us to the first of March). Easter will be this weekend, and then April will be sneaking up.
Eating at the Cracker Barrel before our trip to the zoo.
A peacock greeted us at the Abilene Zoo.

Nanny marveled at it's beauty.

Nanny and Camille were looking at the flamingos.

Olivia's favorite animal was the monkeys. She was making monkey noises at them.

They are wearing their giraffe coats, looking at the giraffes.

Lauren, Camille, Olivia, Queenie, and Nanny.


Cassidee's 2nd Birthday at Chucky Cheese.

Loving the pizza.

Cheese for cheese pizza!

Posing with Cara- who invited us to the TCU Egg Hunt. It was a lot of fun. There were tons of eggs, tons of kids, and free ice cream! Thanks Cara!!

Riding in the wagon with Kennedy.

Dada, Camille, and Olivia.

Our family at the egg hunt. I feel like Brandon and I look like the parents from Growing Pains.

Looking through the loot. I threw away all the chocolate. I felt like a bad mother, but I didn't want chocolate on those dresses!!!!

Olivia wore Brandon's boots.

We went to church. Brandon said that Olivia reminded him of the marshmallow man on Ghostbusters. Camille didn't want to wear this sweater since it wasn't long sleeved.

We went to baby Maddox's first birthday. There was snow on the ground.