Sunday, January 18, 2009

Being Sick Blake

At one point today, I decided to take pictures of what was happening at my house. Camille woke up Saturday morning at 8 o'clock, in my bed, throwing up. In my morning haze I got her to the toilet and while she had thrown up pretty much everywhere and all over me, I managed to keep my cool.
So what does this mean? Camille has the "dum, dum, dum, dum" - VIRUS! Into quick panic mode I went. Following the protocol of the Blake/Jacock VIRUS handbook. No, there is really not a handbook, but when I married Brandon I learned what he and his whole family hated more than anything in the world, the VIRUS. Mention "the VIRUS" to any of these family members and they are out the door in a heartbeat. I'm not sure if they have been plagued with this VIRUS during trips together or what, but when you get the VIRUS you are sentenced to your room till you are well. And then the Lysol begins. I don't remember growing up "the VIRUS" being a big deal, but I don't remember getting it but maybe once. Years ago, Brandon told me that his method of protocol is only common sense. He said they had family friends who would not treat "the VIRUS" with caution, and let the infected sit in the living room on the couch like a king, and then not understand why the whole family got "the VIRUS".
Well you know what....... he is RIGHT! So this weekend Olivia was sad cause Camille was in her room. So on Sunday afternoon, when Camille was in the clear we let her sit on a palate in her room with a warning NOT to touch each other.

The pitiful patient.

The lonely sister.

Now even though you can't leave your room, doesn't mean that you get treated like a prisoner. You get to watch countless movies.

This is one of the scenes that inspired this blog. Brandon cleaning. Notice the Lysol.

I think I have done 15 loads of laundry, which has included two sheet washes, which are not my favorite.

My poor comforter, waiting to go to the cleaners.

My bed, with my back up blanket. I wanted to show you this because a dear lady from our church made this quilt for Brandon and I when we got married. Isn't it beautiful. I thought it was fitting with Valentines Day coming up.

These where really lined up like this. Notice the industrial strength bleach, and the pirate head. That is another perk of being married to Brandon.

While Camille was sick, I cleaned out our linen closet. I ordered these "Space Bags" off an infomercial. I put a ton of quilts and blankets in the "space bags" and now my linen closet is functional.

Here is a funny side note. After Camille was better, the girls and I painted. We used paint and Do-A-Dots. I was making a picture and I used blue for Brandon and pink for the girls and I. I wasn't sure what I was making, but it turned out like this.

Brandon was mad that he was blue, so he asked me to redo the picture. Then he got mad at his square shorts.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wow, ok I might of put a few too many.....

The holidays were wonderful. Below is two different posts full of pictures with our families. The pictures are out of order. We spent the first part of the holidays with my mother and family in Midland. We spent Christmas Eve with my Dad, Melanie, and Thor. Then spent Christmas morning at our own house for the first time. We headed over to Brandon's parents where we spent Christmas day. Thank you to all of our families for their hard work, cooking, shopping, and just making everything perfect. Brandon, Camille, Olivia, and I will never forget our wonderful holiday! Here is to a wonderful new year!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009

What now?

I am NOT a reader. In fact, anyone who is reading this is already annoyed by what I am about to say.....

I have finished the Twilight series.

What do I do know?

I have been reading the books during the kids nap times and at night a little. My sister told me she wished she could erase her memory and read them all over again. That would be nice Lauren. I understand where you are coming from.

Not only would I like to brag on myself for actually READING, I would like to take the time to thank my husband for being so supportive of me while I journeyed into weirdoland.


Thank you so much for allowing me to read books at night when we usually watch our TV shows together. That time is special to me and I am sorry that I have not been on the couch, next to you, instead sitting in the chair where the light is better. Thank you for not being mad at me for not doing the dishes, laundry, or sometimes forgetting to flush the toilet when there was a really good part. Thank you for letting me tell you about all the weird things the Cullen family was up to. Thank you for letting me talk about the story to my friends and family and not taking off out the door. Thank you for realizing that Twilight is like Star Wars/Batman/Spiderman/Matrix is to you. Thank you for not making fun of me since I am 26 and reading vampire/romance novels. I love you Brandon! You are so my Edward Cullen, except you are WAY hotter!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hapka Chiropractic!

Dr. Hapka and the future Dr. Blake.
Bryan and Kylea.

Had to throw these in here. Kylea and Bryan are GREAT with my kids!

Hapka Chiropractic is OPEN for business! This last Friday, Dr. Bryan Hapka cured my aching back with a through exam and adjustment. I am so proud of Bryan and Kylea for all their hard work in opening their practice. Bryan is so enthusiastic, passionate, and knowledgeable about chiropractics! They both have worked so hard, and this Friday I walked into their office in Trophy Club, Texas and was WOWED! They have a sophisticated, elegant office with a calming atmosphere. Not only does Bryan adjust backs and necks, but he also can help you with sports injuries, muscle soreness, and the coolest thing is his golf swing analysis. Even though I am not a golfer and have not had this procedure done, I am pretty sure that through adjusting and aligning a person, Dr. Hapka can greatly improve your golf swing. I know that Hapka Chiropractic can do MUCH more than what I have spoke of. Neck and back pain, extremity pain, carpal tunnel, disc problems, balance and coordination, fatigue? The list goes on. I encourage anyone who lives in the area to go see Dr. Hapka! They accept insurance and Kylea is great at finding out about your benefits. Now this may sound cheesy, but not only is Dr. Hapka my new chiropractor, he is also my brother-in-law and Kylea is my sister- in- law. It is so great to have them live close by and come to our church. They are such a cool couple. I know that they are going to do GREAT! Below is their information if you are interested in making an appointment:
Hapka Chiropractic
Bryan Hapka, D.C., C.G.F.I.
Certified Golf Fitness Instructor
100 Trophy Club Dr. Ste. 107
Trophy Club, Texas 76262
You can also visit them at
And... you can read about Kylea's adventures on the links on My Blogging Friends.