Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Camille Caroline Blake is FOUR!

Camille Caroline turned four on Memorial Day. We were in Galveston, Texas with Brandon's parents, sister and brother-in-law. We had such a wonderful time. It was a great place to be on your birthday. I took a note from my friend Cara Potter and wanted to show the world my Camille on all of her birthdays. There are lots of pictures, but how can a mother pick just a few? The pictures are in order backwards. I hope you enjoy seeing her grow. I can not believe that four years ago I had a baby that would become my best little friend. Happy Birthday to CAMILLE CAROLINE BLAKE!!
So big and happy.
Building sandcastles and she couldn't wait to knock it down.

Pancake breakfast with candle.

Singing "Happy Birthday".

She thought this was so funny!

Swimming with Dad.

Sweet sisters. I thought Olivia would be a little jealous of Camille's birthday, since she loves birthday so much. But she was really sweet to her and sang to her numerous times. She did try and blow out her candle.

She reminds me of a Mary Englebreit card right here. I love little Miss Camille.

Three was FUN!

So sweet, but loosing the baby face.

Here with Queenie, on her actual third birthday. We had just finished my grandmother's funeral.

Turning two meant getting a sister soon. Did anyone remember what I looked like at eight months pregnant and on Vicodine from kidney stones?

Queenie made her cake.

Nanny sent her a dress.

I woke up at 5 in the morning, cause who sleeps when they are huge, and made her a cake from scratch on her real birthday.

Mimi and Dada gave her a fancy mirror.

She turned 1!

She had two parties. One in Odessa and one here.

She could barely walk.

She loved the attention.

She wanted us to sing to her over and over.

She figured out that parties are fun.

She still sleeps like this. One leg out of the covers.

She was born in the afternoon. Right before Fantasia won American Idol.

Brandon had no idea what was about to happen to him.

Our very first picture as a couple. I was so scared.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Blog

Camille singing Karaoke at Queenies. I don't know why the dance picture ended up on the side, but that is Camille all dressed up in her recital costume. We had her pictures yesterday. It was fun putting on make up and dressing up. We are excited for her recital.

My grandmother made Camille a cake since her birthday is 5/26/2008.

This past weekend we went to Odessa for my friend Brittany's wedding shower. These are my friends from high school. I have known them all since elementary/junior high. From left Heather, Me, Brittany, Madeline, Tasha, and Jocelyn.

My brother's girlfriend Kresha, my mom, and myself before the shower.

At the end of year party at the girl's preschool, Olivia held this little boy's hand during a slide show.

Camille and her cronies.

Olivia at her last day of school party.

We have been dressing up alot!

The Friday before Mother's Day, Pam invited Memaw, Kylea, and I to stay at the Gaylord Texan for a fun night of eating, shopping, and slumber parties. Brandon, the girls, and Skip met us for brunch that morning.

Camille, Kylea, and Olivia pretending to sleep.

After summers of searching for a snow cone stand, they finally opened one up near our house. I convinced Camille that Wedding Cake was the best flavor (cause it is clear). She loves it!

Emmie and Olivia loving snow cones.

Who are these crazy ladies in front of On the Border?

Kimberly, Angie, Shara, and Andrea- Nice picture on Mother's Day.

Sunday Morning before church on Mother's Day. You might be able to see my corsage that the girls got me.

Monday, May 5, 2008

April was for birthdays...

It is funny to think how many times we sang Happy Birthday in April. What a fun month. April is the month of my mother's birthday. April 26th is my father, brother, and sister-in-law's birthday. We had Aiden, Camden, and Blake's birthday. Carter was born in April. Needless to say, we partied hard in April. On the day of the 26, Olivia was so confused at singing to three different people. All these birthdays have also sparked interest in Camille for her own birthday. When I told her the plans for her party, she thought that the party was the next day. I explained to her that we were going to be waiting a whole month. She quickly picked up that this was going to be a long wait.
This first set of pictures is from Camille going to see Little Red Riding Hood at Casa Manana. Marilyn Jones took Pam, Camille and I to see the show and her cousin. Her cousin played one of the Grimm Brothers telling the story. It was Camille's first trip to the theater and I think it sparked a new love.

At a party.

Playing in a fountain.

Camille got her like 5th hair cut ever.

Vivi watched.

Kylea's birthday party.

Last Sunday before church.