Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September's Brewin......

Well enough of my thoughts. Time for some pictures. Of course I am too dumb to post them in order, so they are backwards. I will say that something is brewing in our house. September is almost over, so that means the Blake's will have 31 days of Happy Haunting. Below is a picture of Brandon drilling into a piece of furniture so that we can add more pumpkins. It can NEVER be to much.

Olivia and Camille wore my witch nose around the house.

The fireman came to the preschool today. It was so cool to tour the fire truck, however, Camille is convinced that her smoke alarm is going off and she will not go to bed. She is successfully using tactics to try and stay up.

Posing with the fireman.

Olivia hid in the bushes while the firemen talked, Maddox was trying to climb in. I think he has surpassed her in height.

Giving it a look.

I promise not to use these pictures to frame Noah when he is older....


Prissy while playing soccer.

Soccer Dads.


Olivia and I watching soccer practice.

Getting ready to go to our first practice.

Riding in the boat with Mimi.

First day of preschool.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blink of an Eye

Ok, if you ever read my blog, you know that I am more of a "picture poster" than a "thought poster", but I have to tell you what happened to me today......

I work at my girl's preschool on Tuesday/Thursdays. This morning I woke up at 3:45am and couldn't go back to sleep. I am blaming Mucinex DM, but unless I take it, snot pours out my nose all night. I cried for an hour thinking about kindergarten and how fast Camille has grown. Watched the news and saw that highway 114 was blocked this morning due to an accident involving a mail carrier. I took a bath, made pancakes, and went to school on 1709. It took 45 minutes to get Grapevine! It didn' t help when my friend told me 114 was cleared before I left my house:) The good Lord helped me through the day. It helps to work with smiling faces and wonderful children, and it was SO BEAUTIFUL outside. The girls and I left the preschool at 1:00pm. I was so tired and on the phone telling Brandon about a friend at the preschool when all of a sudden....

I see a white car flipping in the median beside me. It all happened so fast. I screamed out to Brandon "what do I do, I just saw a car flip". He told me to pull over and call 911. I pulled over, but it wasn't the safest place to be and cars were still coming from behind me pretty fast. I got out and could hear the lady screaming. I called 911. A cop pulled up behind me as I was on the phone with the operator. Meanwhile about 6 cars had also stopped and people were running to the scene. The Mercedes SUV was in the median, upside down. 12 people, (fat, old, young, skinny) pushed the SUV and flipped it back over. A man gathered the ladies purse which had scattered on the floor. Three motorcycle cops were pulling up and I called out to them, "I am scared that my children are going to be hit, I saw this accident, but may I leave?" The cop pulled out a pen and paper and told me to give him a report. Basically what I remember is that an orange 18 wheeler was in the right lane and the SUV was in the left and the truck merged into the left lane and sent the SUV flipping into the median.

After thinking about this, I am guessing that the SUV was in the 18 wheeler's blind spot, and he didn't see her.

This all happened in a split second. I hope that lady is ok, but I couldn't go to her cause my children were on the side of a highway. I timed the ambulance and it took 6 minutes to get to her.

So my point is, WOW.

1.I am going to really try not to drive and talk on my cell phone.
2.I am definaley not going to text anyone while driving.
3. My grandfather used to own a trucking dealership (the 18 wheeler kind of truck) and he taught me when I was learning to drive to never stay beside a truck. Pass them! Even if you have to speed up! Truckers can not see well out of their mirrors and are probably tired and not looking out for you!
4. I am done with allergy medicene. I need a good nights sleep. So if you see me with bugers in my nose and tissue stuck up my nostrils, know that I am doing it for the good of the highway.

Please say a prayer for this unknown lady in a white mercedes suv.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well, you may be noticing what time it is. It is 4:53am, on Saturday. I haven't been able to sleep well this past week with my tail bone issues. It kind of aches in the wee hours of the mornings. So my new favorite channel is FOX news. I don't know why I love watching this channel.....

O WAIT! Its because of SARAH PALIN!!!!!!

I love her. She is my new hero. There are many reasons why she has captivated me, and most other Americans. Here are some of the reasons why I love her and intend to bumber sticker my car with McCain/Palin!

1. She is a mother. From the looks of it, a selfless one. I think it takes a lot of courage and strength to have 5 children. Some have said "Can she do it with 5 children? Can she be the vice president and nurse a baby with downs?" Hell yeah she can!

2. She is shaking up Nobama. I just really don't like him.

3. She is conservative. She is conservative enough to make me get excited about this election again. I didn't really love John McCain, but I think they compliment each other well. I do feel that his bipartisan interests will help Washington. I did feel extremely moved by his speech. WOW, to be in a POW camp for 5 years. Lets just let him be president. He deserves it.

4. She will be an advocate for people with special needs and came right out and said that in the beginning of her speech. People with disabilities need someone on their side! This issue obviously holds a special place in her heart, and will not be overlooked. A lady from the Washington Post was wondering if Sarah Palin's children would come first, or the country. I think that if this woman signed up for this job, she knows that she will have to put the country first. And that takes great courage to leave some of the child raising to her husband/ family. She has something to give our country to make it better. I don't feel like she is putting her family second, she is making it a better place for her children to live in.

5. Her son is in the military. I can not imagine what it is like to know that your child may be in harms way. McCain/Palin will make sure the military has what it needs to get the job done.

6. She knows oil. and energy. She is the Governor of ALASKA. Duh! I think you need to know oil and energy in order to run this country.

7. She is pretty.

8. She called out the liberal media. NBC better watch out!

9. She is against abortion.

10. Last but not least, she is a Christian!

I don't know what issues you are most concerned with, but I do feel like the security of our country is in my top 5. I feel like MeCain/Palin will protect our country. I think they will create more jobs with expanding other fuel options. I like their education policy. I like small government and LOWER taxes. I am not an expert in politics by any means. I am a mother who spends most of her day talking to little kids and playing Barbies, but I do have a great feeling about the MeCain/Palin team. And I like the way she has made me feel that mothers can do ANYTHING and still be FABULOUS.

So here is to my thoughts of being President of the United States becoming ALIVE again. I am going to start with the PTA, and then go from there:)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bye Bye Summer

Summer is coming to an end. It seems odd to say that, considering that it is still hot! The girls and I are starting school tomorrow. I am going to be the Music and Movement teacher on Tuesday/Thursdays at the girl's preschool. I am super excited to start! I am going to get to work with wonderful Christian women and get to see my children interact with friends. Shara Smith is going to be Camille's teacher and I couldn't have picked a more perfect person! Olivia's teacher was Camille's teacher when she was two and she is WONDERFUL too! So pray that we have a great school year!
Lots of changes are going on. If you get a chance, please check out my sister-in-law's new blog. Her and her husband will be opening a Chiropractic Clinic in October. If any of you need a chiropractor, you should check out Hapka Chiropractic Clinic in Trophy Club, Texas. It is definitely the coolest place to be. Bryan even got certified to help people perfect their golf swing.
Brandon is in full swing building some condos in Abilene. He is going to try to travel on the days that we are at the preschool so we will not miss him too much. He has been off this Labor Day weekend, so we have had fun hanging out as a family.
Below is a picture of Olivia. She has successfully busted her lip three times this month and banged her head on the table a few times.

We went to our church's playgroup where Camille finally got to meet the Texas Triple. She loves talking about the triplets. I even caught her one day with three Hello Kitty dolls in her shirt. I asked her what she was doing, and she told me "I am expecting triplets".

Baby Caden was hanging with the crew. I loved being at that play group and watching all the new moms love their babies.

Here is Camille next to the babies "carriage".

We went to Hayden Noe's birthday at Let's Jump. Below is Camille and Brandon's legs.

They safely landed!

Sweet Hayden is 3! I can't believe we met him when he was 18 months old.

Brandon and I took the girl's to ACU Opening Chapel. We sat with my cousin Jordan. Here they are making a Wildcat paw.

Brandon was trying to teach the girls to make mean faces.

We went to Mason's 3rd birthday. I can't believe he is three either! Here are some of the kids having a blast!

Ending with Olivia and Presley. Here is to the best summer that I have ever had! Fall 08 is going to be amazing too! "Here comes Halloween, Halloween, Halloween". HEHEHE!!!!!!!!