Thursday, February 25, 2010

February's Fast

February has flown by. Looking back at my pictures from the month makes me realize how fast it did. The middle pictures are from "Zero the Hero's" wedding. I was a bridesmaid:) Zero is a character that visits Camille's elementary on days that end in zero. She married Zoro on the 100th day of school. It was a "white trash" wedding and we were all supposed to be mismatched. All the kids had to make hats with 100 objects on them. While cleaning up from the wedding, I got a call from my carpool friend that I needed to take her little boy home. She needed to go the hospital. Her friend was really sick. That call seems like 20 years ago. Anyways, I didn't want to post this blog without saying something about Jenny. I did not know Jenny, however, it seems like everyone around me knew her. I just watched her funeral on my computer today. I am forever changed by her story. Words that stick in my head are "life is too short to whine", and "the Glory of God" was witnessed by all. This woman had so many people fighting for her. I witnessed people from all walks of life praying and trying to help a girl. I do not have any real words of wisdom. In fact, I have a really hard time getting my thoughts and feelings into words, but I do want to say, to anyone who is reading this....... LOVE your neighbors! Do what Jesus wanted us to do and LOVE one another. LOVE who you are sitting by at this very moment. Count your blessings. Life goes by too fast to worry and fret. In the end, all that matters LOVE.

Super Bowl. We went for the Saints since we had some Madi Gra costumes:)

100th day of school.

I am on the end, with the GOOFY grin on my face:)

Mom and the girls at Heather's shower.

My BEAUTIFUL Odessa friends. I didn't get one with the bride, those will come later:)