Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We took a trip to NYC. Thanks to all of you that came me advise on what to do. I can safely say that I saw everything that I wanted to see. We went to Conan, ate cupcakes, and had a marvelous Valentines in NYC.
Mr. New York City
Times Square!

My Hero.

Brandon's Hero.


I am inside Barbie's Dream House.

You know your parents when on a get away weekend, you take a picture of Dora and Boots.

I love this picture!

The last picture of me in New York, sitting on a rock. I was trying to act like a model.

Olivia wanted to wear Camille's "Sharpay" hat.

You know your little girl is getting big when she wants to make funny faces at the camera.

This is the face Olivia makes when smelling flowers. I didn't think her nose could do that.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Here are a bunch of pictures. I post so many because I can't pick which one better express the feelings we are feeling at that very moment. I guess I am obessed with them. They are the light of my day, the glitter on my Valentine. So pardon me for being indecisive. Enjoy!
What are we doing here?
Making Valentines Day cookies.

Last week was "P" day at the preschool. The girls got to wear their PJs, eat pizza, peaches, and pancakes. Camille wore her PIG slippers for extra credit. Little overachiever in the making.

Olivia brought Grumpy bear and her baby. Double fisting! Camille brought Share Bear.

We watched the super bowl with some pals. I can safely say that I only watched the winning play by the Giants. I was going for the them since I was a Giants cheerleader! (In 6th grade:) Our pop warner team was the Giants in elementary. The girls had fun hanging with their pals. I had fun eating all the good food.


Presley and Olivia, aka "P Pie and Vivi"

Prince Maddox

Hayden and Carson

Emmie Lou


This is out of order, but this is what she would rather do.

An afternoon of painting, and no those aren't high waters, they are capris.

We decided to Oliva have a try at painting.

Decided to hang the art on the garage wall.

I am pretty sure Brandon was saying, " I told you so".

I had to show yall what her shirt said.

Camille is becoming quite the artist. Monet, Picasso, Look OUT!

Friday, February 1, 2008

When your stuck at the computer.....

This week has been crazy. The girls went back to preschool after the huge pink eye incident. Olivia did not cry at all this week. I am so proud of her and feel lucky that they get to go to a place where they feel comfortable and loved. I had to hit the home office hard this week to get some tax stuff done, so even when the girls were not at school, I was on the computer. The following pictures are of what they do when I am not watching. Camille loves being a girl and has been fascinated with fake nails ever since she knew what fingers were. She gave herself nails. She was so proud.
Olivia, on the other hand, loves to make a mess. I think when she was giving herself a deep conditioning with strawberry yogurt, I was actally doing the dishes. Serves me right for trying to clean!