Monday, June 29, 2009

A Lot Can Happen In a Few Short Weeks

I lost my camera cord in our move and found it today! I have missed blogging! We have been SO busy! Of course, I uploaded these pictures backwards. Here is a brief synopsis of what has been going on. At the end of May, we finished preschool. Camille graduated! She was SO cute. They girls left with my mom and Brandon and I closed on our house. With the help of many wonderful people, we MOVED! They girls came home to a new house. A few days later Camille turned 5! She wanted a big girl bike. We gave it to her and she acted so surprised! She later admitted that she had already peeked at the bike:) We had company come and visit. My brother and his girlfriend came to see us. One Wednesday, we were eating at Kinkaids and rushed to church to get out of a storm. We came home to a BIG mess and didn't have power for 48 hours. The weather service said there were two tornados that touched down in our area. It was a BIG mess. It didn't help that the girl's birthday party was Saturday. Luckily the power came on and Pam, Lori, and Melanie helped me get it together. They girls had a wonderful birthday. We then went on a trip to Galveston. We had so much fun. When we got home it was Olivia's turn to turn 3! She was so proud that it was Her Day. We finally got a new roof. We had blue tarp covering up a few holes in our roof. This past weekend, life slowed down a little and we had fun just being together.

Fourth of July dresses

They are wearing make up, thanks to Kimberly Holmes:)

The new roof.

Olivia and her Dada.

So excited!

Happy 3rd birthday Olivia.

The Blake's in Galveston.

Olivia loves eyewear.

Camille at the birthday party. She had an allergic reaction to some antibiotics for an ear infection right before the party. Almost didn't make it (to the party of course).


All our friends!

Olivia being a bride.

Storm damage.

Lost the roof.

BIG branches everywhere.

Trampoline on top of tree.


The fake excitement of the new bike.

Happy 5th birthday Camille.

Excited sister found her baby onesie.

Helping Dad remodel.

Our new house!