Monday, April 27, 2009

Little Girls......

I hope that you can tell how much fun they are having together. I can NEVER get a picture of them looking perfect and still, cause sure enough they will be smiling and then one of them will bust out laughing and spar the other on. Ok,ok,.... I have nothing to complain about. I am glad that they are the little laughers they are:)

Photo session #1

This is what they woke up to on Easter morning. Brandon and I had so much fun setting up the scene. Double click on this picture and tell me if you can figure out who the life guard is?

Climbing trees with Dada at Memaws.

On the way to Memaws house.

Very posh.

The money shot. Hahahaha.

In my secret pretend life, I own a cookie shop. My cookies are magic. You can eat as many as you want and not gain a POUND! Seriously, I made these. I had WAY too much fun.

The Blakes.

This one was pretty good.

This is typical.

She does this all the time. She can shove 2 chicken nuggets in her mouth too. She amazes me.

Camille is getting better about trying new things.

This picture captures their love. If it be the Lord's will, I love that I get to witness their love and laughter every day. They are my little girls. My pride and joy!