Sunday, December 21, 2008


8 things I did today.....
1. Drank Starbucks from great aunt Kristi
2. Washed dishes.
3. Dressed Camille and Olivia
4. Took tons of pictures
5. Washed dishes
6. Ate trash
7. Watched Holiday Inn
8. Washed dishes

8 Favorite Restaurants...
1. Kuos
2. Chipolte
3. Babe's
4. Chick'Fil'A
5. Starbucks
6. Mi Cocina
7. Taco Villa
8. Celebrity Bakery

8 Shows I Watch
1. Gossip Girl
2. The Hills
3. House
4. Private Practice
5. Pushing Daises
6. Grey's Anatomy
7. Entourage
8. Lost

8 Things I Wish For
1. For O and C to be healthy and happy
2. World Peace
3. Natural Hair color
4. The economy to get better
5. A bubble gum pink Cadillac cts
6. An endless amount of money
7. Diamonds!!
8. A cure for cancer

8 Things I look Forward To
2. For Carson and Lauren to get rich and grow up happy
3. Tomorrow
4. Gray hair
5. Moving
6.Warm summer afternoon at the lake.
7. To coming into my class and seeing all the children
8. To seeing my mom and endless amount of times!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm Coldiiiiieeeee...........

My body has finally decided to succumb to this horrible cold that my children have been passing around for two weeks. For the second Sunday this month, I was dressed and making breakfast when I discovered Camille running a fever. The Sunday before, same story with Olivia. Then, this morning I woke up sicker than a DOG! So I decided to blog when the cold meds kicked in. This is long, but some good pictures.

This is Olivia after we discovered that Camille was a NO go to church. Brandon had already left, so she was all dressed up with no where to go:(

My incredibly handsome husband!

Olivia is proud of a receiving a book not about a pig.

Spreading the germs, I mean cheer!

Look what kids do when your not looking.

Thanks for the boots Queenie!

Making gingerbread house while watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Mom, here is the top of my tree. Looks good!

Here is my new hair.

These are pictures at my parents lake from Thanksgiving.

My brother had a jeep like this when he was three. My darling little sister skipped the jeep entirely and got this mini four wheeler when she was like 4?


Playing Candy Land.


Leaves Mom!

They are everywhere!

Did I mention that I love him?

Whoa, after a good meal!

Camille and Olivia LOVE Riley.

Here is Jordan, their other cousin, (who they love) on my darling little sister's new ride.

When the Paynes drove up, Olivia said "Look, a train".

Picking more leaves.

Here is why they were so obsessed with these giant leaves.

Driving to the Sportsman's Grill to eat a Chicken Fry.

We made my mom take the bike:)

Getting pictures made with Kennedy!

Aunt Kylea at our Thanksgiving Feast.

Camille playing the Violin. Yes, all alone:)
Happy Turkey Day!

I'm not sitting in Santa Clause's lap.

The whole reason we played soccer.....

For this little trophy.

Monday, December 1, 2008

31 Reasons Why I Love Angie Orange

These reasons are in no particular order.

1. She loves pink.
2. She always make dessert/cookies, and never leaves me any cookies:)
3. She loves to make things beautiful, i.e. BLING BLING.
4. She sends me cards for no reason.
5. She gets Super excited about Starbucks.
6. She dreamed up Noah's birthday party forever ago, and would lay in bed laughing at all her great ideas.
7. She put Camille on Noah's birthday cake.
8. We get our hair done together:) We Heart Kristi Mitchell!
9. She changes the sheets for me.
10. She loves being a mom more than anything.
11. She brings my kids prizes when they are sick.
12. We make sure each other is alive when our husbands are out of town.
13. We imagine what old lady at church we will most be like when we are old.
14. She always compliments me.
15. She sells homade gourmet.
16. In case of her depart from this world, I know exactly what to bury her in.
17. She gets excited about the little things in life.
18. She is the strongest person I know, even though she thinks she is weak.
19. She runs marathons.
20. She lets me be the boss, even though I am like 10 years younger than her.
21. Even though I am a way better driver, I let her drive us everywhere and we come to many near death experiences. Its fun.
22. She taught me how to rinse my noodles.
23. She is peanut butter.
24. She taught me to cut up chicken nuggets.
25. We talk each other through some major purchases.
26. She loves her family....Nate, Noah, Emmie, Dad, Mom, Amy, Bobby more than words can say.
27. She makes it better..... to live far away from my family.
28. She gets me.
29. She talks me through major hair changes.
30. She lets me complain or go on about nonsense , but never makes me feel stupid.
31. She truly looks for the good in people.

Angie's birthday is on December 20th. I feel so badly for people with December birthdays. There are so many parties and events with families. It is hard to think about birthdays when you are focusing on Jesus' birthday. So I want everyone to make ANGLEA MARIE ORANGE feel extra special this month. She deserves a wonderful birthday month filled with wonderful surprises.