Monday, October 27, 2008

Mid- October

This is my buddy from college's little boy Gray. Isn't he cute?
Brandon and I went to Asheville, North Carolina to my dear friend B.C.'s wedding. We had a lovely kid free trip. My in-laws kept the girls and they had a marvelous time with their grandparents. We stayed here at the Double Tree, but the wedding was at the Biltmore. If you have time, Google the Biltmore. It is amazing!

Kimberly, Tasha, Madeline, Brittany, Heather, Jocelyn

Brandon and I took lots of pictures of ourselves that weekend.

We found some funny little shops in Asheville.
This was one of the only good pictures of the wedding. My camera was not in agreement with the lighting.

Me and B.

Lately Camille has dreams of having a little brother. She pretends with Maddox.

Our pumpkins for the preschool contest.

We went to ACU Homecoming. Camille and Presley getting their picture taken at the Queen's Tea honoring P's mother.

Acting lady like.

Shara, Kimberly, Kimberly

Getting faces painted.

Petting goats.

Going to the parade with GREAT aunt Kristi.

Jeff, Olivia, Kristi, Jordan, Kristi, Hunter, Riley, Brice.

Holmes' parents and Camille and CarterWaiting on Holmes to drive by.

Vivi and Kristi

Here she comes....

Throw us some candy P!

OOOO, we got lots of candy and highlighters.

Later that afternoon, we transformed into Belle and Sharpay. We attended our church's festival.

Yup, that is makeup.

No, that is not her real hair.

The Oranges are super heros!

The girls with Aiden and Blake.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Olivia wears a Bee uniform to support her sista while she balls.
My friend Christa Keltner took this picture (check out her blog). It is funny because Camille had just kicked the ball into the wrong goal. The YMCA doesn't keep score, so she thought she made a goal. She is celebrating and I am pointing at the other goal telling her, "You did good, but kick it to the other goal!!"

Olivia is wearing one of my dresses when I was a little girl. One day after church......

we rode horses.

Olivia is OBSESSED with mustaches. She made this one in the car one morning before school. She told me "Look, I'm Dada". DaDa is her granddad.

I hope I never see Olivia in the backseat of a cop car again!

Before church.

Maddox trying to give Olivia a sugar.

Camille's attempt at skating. She got a bruise on her hiney!

The girls.

Mimi and Dada took us to the circus with the Jacocks.

The GREAT Kennedy Jacocks

The Great Camille Blake

The Amazing Olivia

Giving the other team a "High Five".

Our Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch pics

I caught Camille in her monster pose.